Key Things To Consider While Booking Photo Booth Rental for Wedding and Birthday Party

The concept of photo booth rental for wedding and birthday party is on-trend at the moment. It’s not just about photos after all.  It’s also about capturing a memory and having your guests involved and having fun all at the same time. Hence, only the best service provider should be taken in to account for the auspicious occasions of such. What makes a photo booth rental company better than the others? Check out the following points.

Fast and prompt prints

Fast and on-the-spot results are more fun and encourage your guests to see the results right away and take more pictures. More often you see photographers with cameras who take a single picture for a guest/couple and they receive the copy at the end of the event or days later. It’s the excitement of having the photos right then and there after within seconds after the picture is taken is what makes things more eventful. In fact, resourced service providers hold the ability to deliver the same in as less than 10 seconds.


Customization is another aspect that should be given prominence about while going for photo booth rental for wedding and birthday party – Starting from the prints to the backdrops, printing templates, green screen options, social media and ability to email picture right away. Make sure the photo booth rental is capable of customizing it all. A photo booth experience can never be up to the mark unless these combinations of customizations are not exciting enough.

In this context, it must be having the needful elements for decoration, lighting, etc. They should be able to provide a customized template design much prior to the event. To materialize your creativity, no scarcity of props should be felt. There should be an in-house team of a graphic designer for non-stop assistance. Real photobooth companies have more than one person who works with your on various details. Above all, the clients must be allowed for unlimited photo sessions.

Tools and Technologies

The most important part about modern-day photo booth rental is technology. One needs to be the most upgraded technology to meet contemporary demands. Make sure the service provider is resourced, high-end digital SLR shooters which can not only give you print quality in small size, but also large format canvas printing quality for digital images delivered after. Also cute looking small setups cannot hold quality SLR cameras. If the photobooth system looks tiny/cute, it won’t produce long lasting and great results. Moreover, there should be Extra Softened Umbrella Lighting available for auspicious occasions. You don’t want cheap, bare lighting making things reflective or too shiny. To ensure the printed photo lasts long, ask for professional Dye Sublimation printing, not cheap inkjet prints which can fade over time. All these things should be ensured with the service provider.

Service Assistance and Budget

It’s not just about the booth itself. You need someone with the booth so they can assist guests with the experience, help them with Photobooth Guest Albums and signing and encourage them to have fun. So forget about standalone or do-it-yourself booths.  Proper service assistance is key for  the utmost results and fun. Most importantly, ensure there is an onsite attendant available for needful assistance. In fact, renowned companies for photo booth services provide at least a couple of attendants for unaffected fun.

Good news is that photo booth rental for wedding and birthday party is much cost-effective than ever. In this context, make sure that the service provider doesn’t demand extra for set-up, dismantling, etc.

Post-session Needs

The real job of a photo booth rental service starts post-event. It must be having the needful high-end tools for heightening the effects of color, lighting, etc. There should be the option of digital slideshow or the option for downloading.

Apart from the above aspects, meticulous aspects, like VIP entrance (with red carpet entrance and Chrome Stanchions) and memory book services also do matter. Above all, don’t forget about Social media Kiosk in this era crazy of social media. This Social Media Kiosk should have the perfect arrangement for the guests to click and post their snaps in a relaxed way.