Enclosed booth

Our Enclosed booth has the Classic Photobooth looks with some additional privacy. It will only allow a maximum of 6-8 guests at a time . The slides below show the various samples of Enclosed Booth. Enclosed booth allows limited background options.

Open-Air booth

Our Open-Air booth is the most popular booth. Open-Air is exactly what it means. No enclosure and the backdrop is open and can be up to 8 or 10 ft wide. It can accommodate upto 14 or more guests which allows for group pictures. O Can be indoor or outdoors. Open-Air is also perfect for Natural Scenery as Backdrop , which allows us to incorporate nature as the backdrop for a lasting memory of the event outdoor location. See slides below for Open-Air Samples.

GreenScreen booth

Green screen is when we literally use green background  where your guests will stand in front of a Green Screen when the pictures are taken.   So when the photos are printed, the Green Screen background now will be replaced by a custom digital background that you picked for your event.   For example,  let's say if you want all your photos to look as if it was taken on a beach in Hawaii, the Green Screen will make that happen. If you've a choice of a digital background that you'd like to use you can provide us the digital picture file (jpeg or suitable image file).   Or we can give you some options based on your event theme.  Another example is let's say you've a Kids birthday party which is based on a Batman Theme, we could do a Green Screen background with an image of Gotham City as the background for all your prints.  Remember:  Don't come to a Green Screen event, wearing all green.   You'll become invisible :-), or atleast the portion of your body that's covered by any Green Clothing.  Check our some Green Screen samples below.